Liadh Timmins, PhD

Psychology, sexual orientation and gender identity

Dr Liadh Timmins is a Lecturer in Psychology1 at Swansea University. Dr Timmins researches the psychology of sexual orientation and gender modality. Their work uses large-scale surveys, experimental research designs, novel measure development, and mixed methods. Their research includes the mental health impacts of minority stressors, forms and functions of intersectional prejudice, and social and cognitive components of sexual orientation and gender identity.

1 For international readers, "Lecturer" in the U.K. is a research and teaching position, equivalent to Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in the U.S.

Recent Publications

Timmins, L., Pitman, A., King, M., Gao, W., Johnson, K., Yu, P., ... & Harding, R. (2022). Does the impact of bereavement vary between same and different gender partnerships? A representative national, cross-sectional study. Psychological Medicine, Advance Online Publication.

Timmins, L., Schneider, J. A., Chen, Y. T., Pagkas-Bather, J., Kim, B., Moody, R. L., ... & Duncan, D. T. (2022). COVID-19 stressors and symptoms of depression and anxiety among Black cisgender sexual minority men and Black transgender women during the initial peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. Advance Online Publication.

Timmins, L., Rimes, K. A., & Rahman. Q. (2021). Is Being Queer Gay? Sexual Attraction Patterns, Minority Stressors, and Psychological Distress in Non-Traditional Categories of Sexual Orientation. Journal of Sex Research, 58(5), 599-611.